My Books

Humorous Sensuous Romances
Written as Carolyn Gregg


Chicken Fried Beefcake *@
Fits Like a Glove *
The In-Law Effect *
La Petite Mort *
Suckers #


The Past's Promise *@

The Virgin Sacrifice *@


E-reptile Dysfunction *@
The Hairy-Legged Girls Club *
Hell and Damnation *
Randy as a Goat *
Rhythm and Boos *

Urban Fantasy

Do Wah Diddy Me *@
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic *@
The Pearl of Passion *
Tit for Tat  *
Winter's Fyre *

Science Fiction
Lovin' Large *@

Tales of the Blakeney Sisters 
(Contemporary Fantasy Series)
Rub My Pumpkin * @
Tickle My Candy Cane *@
Spank My Valentine *@
Rub My Easter Bunny *@
Light My Firecracker *@

* Available in Print
@ Available as an Audio Book
# Free Read

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