Thursday, September 20, 2018

Yes, the Plant is Now Extinct

Ancient Romans had an effective natural contraceptive: a plant called silphium. The shape of the seed is where we get the traditional heart shape that we all recognize as a symbol of love.

The Romans harvested so much silphium that it went extinct, and now we’re not even sure exactly what type of plant it was.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

This is Why You Don't Drink the Water

There’s an Egyptian creation myth that states that the universe was the result of the ejaculation of the god Atum. To honor Atum, some Pharaohs would ceremonially ejaculate into the Nile.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New! MIRACLE BEYOND MEASURE, Miracle Book 2 - A Paranormal, Supernatural, Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Beyond Measure, Book 2 
Paranormal/Supernatural/Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 43.1K
$3.99 e

Life on the run is hard. Food is limited, and clothes are difficult to come by, but I'll keep going. We'll keep going. We have to. The world is depending on us.

My name is Casi Clarity, and there's a prophecy that says I will be the one to save the world, along with my protector, Coheed. But we don't know how, or when, or why. We just will.

Our travels have taken us to NOLA, where the demons are getting stronger, smarter, and harder to evade. With new allies and enemies alike, who can I trust? Is my protector even who he says he is?

I'm in the fight of my life, with or without Coheed, but fighting without the help of my love is impossible to fathom. I'd rather die myself. But if I did, would I stay dead this time?

My name is Casi.

The undead call me little Mouse.

Coheed calls me his Miracle.

Warning! Contains a special tea, a trailer in the swamp, deception, bitter cold, a lost testament, a new revelation, and the loss of a loved one that tears the heart apart.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Now Available as an Audio Book! THE VIRGIN SACRIFICE, a Humorous, Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Romance by Linda Mooney Writing as Carolyn Gregg

Now Available as an Audio Book!

The Virgin Sacrifice
Humorous Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Romance
by Linda Mooney Writing as Carolyn Gregg 

Word Count: 8.2K
e / $6.95 a 

Narrated by Linda Mooney
Length: 59 min.

Centuries ago, the town of Vistoller was nearly destroyed by dragons, until the townspeople realized that the attacks ceased once a young maiden was swept away by the creatures. Since then, every year, on the cusp of the autumn moon, a virgin is prepared for the dragon's arrival, to ensure another bountiful season without retaliation.

Except this year, the creature has no idea what it's being offered when it's presented with Ilisi. Neither does Ilisi know what to expect when the creature takes her away.

They’re both in for the surprise of their lives.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

THE HAIRY-LEGGED GIRLS CLUB is My 99c Special for September

From September 1st - 30th, you can get the ebook for just 99 cents! (Available at this price only on Amazon and my websiteNote: Click BUY EBOOK to get the Nook or PDF version.)

The Hairy-Legged Girls Club
Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

by Linda Mooney Writing as Carolyn Gregg
Word Count: 33.9K
$0.99 e / $9.99 p

Fresh out of the military, the last thing Brint Cirrus needs is trouble. Besides, he has a secret to protect. But when he parks his motorcycle at a Texas roadside bar and meets sexy Heleema, the lead singer of the country band, The Hairy-Legged Girls Club, it's clear trouble looks mighty good. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Intent on consummating their mutual attraction, Brint and Heleema leave the bar, and a group of drunken men who had been harassing Heleema earlier follow them. The men ram their pick-up into the motorcycle, sending the bike and both riders into a bar ditch along the side of the road. When Brint comes to, he finds Heleema on the verge of being raped. Secret or no secret, he has to rescue her. But as he shape shifts into his dog persona, he sees Heleema shift into a coyote. Together they dispatch the attackers, killing one of them, then escape. But their enemies aren’t so easily deterred and they want revenge.

From the very beginning Brint and Heleema are drawn together in lust. Now they are drawn together in danger as shape shifters and as humans.  In Heleema, Brint has found a woman he can trust and love. In Brint, Heleema has found a man to satisfy her passion and her heart.

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