Thursday, December 21, 2017

New! BREATH OF CHRISTMAS, a Sweet Contemporary Fantasy


Sweet Contemporary Fantasy
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 11.2K
$1.99 e 

After being gone for months, there's nothing like being home for Christmas. Although Brindle has no family there to welcome her back, and the little town has grown since she left, it's still home to her and exactly where she wants to be in these final days. 

With a little help from a generous stranger full of the Christmas spirit, the holiday is sure to be perfect for Brindle. Full of love and memories, both old and new.

She just prays she's able to enjoy it before she runs out of time and breath.      

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Come Take Part in My 12 Giveaway Days of Christmas!

Come be a part of my
12 Giveaway Days of Christmas!

Beginning tomorrow, and running through Christmas Eve, I will be posting a question on my Linda Mooney blog. All you have to do is answer it, and you could win the prize offered that day!
Prizes include gift certificates, ebooks, print books,
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Enter every day!
International readers are welcome!
Note! Only comments on my blog will be considered for each prize. Comments on my Facebook page or other locations 
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Now Available in Print - STONE, a Contemporary Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Now Available in Print!

Contemporary Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 50K
$3.99 e / $9.99 p

Garenth had been awakened to retrieve an ancient artifact that was crucial to his well-being. He had few memories of what his life had been like when he had been a man. What memories that were left were filled with blood and excruciating pain.

That part of him was over now. The talisman had been taken from its sacred burial place, and it had to be returned as quickly as possible. It was up to him to follow through with his mission so he could return to another thousand years of sleep.

Brielle Van de Camp knew an extraordinary find when she saw it. The small clay figure was the key to a potentially earth‑shattering revelation about a previously unknown time in man's ancestry. She would bet her life on it.

Unfortunately, others had gotten wind of the talisman, and they were equally determined to claim its promise for themselves. If Brielle wasn't willing to part with the figurine, they had no compunction about prying it from her dead fingers.

They never counted on having to face the guardian of the statuette, who turned out to be more than a creature of mythology.

Warning! Contains a magic talking rock, a mother idol, boo-lets, a cell phone app, deadly intruders, a ruthless businessman, a key card, and a warrior trying to cope with an ages-old curse with the help of a woman who must be a blessing from the gods.

Excerpt and buy links.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Now Available as an Audio Book! EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC, a Humorous Fantasy Romance by Linda Mooney Writing as Carolyn Gregg

Now Available as an Audio Book!

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Humorous Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

by Linda Mooney writing as Carolyn Gregg
Word Count: 13K
$1.99 e / $6.99 p / $6.95 a

Narrated by Guy Veryzer

Length: 1 hr, 33 min.
Hear a Sample

Gus Balfour has lived with his “shortcomings” all his life. He’s been picked on, made fun of, and obviously had problems in the bedroom. But through the years, he’s learned other ways to please the ladies. Or so he thought. When his girlfriend leaves because he simply doesn’t have enough to give, he decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands…or well, maybe a surgeon’s.

After learning about the complications and exorbitant costs that go along with the surgical enhancement, he thinks all hope is lost. But a name and number left by his housekeeper could change his life.

Syan isn’t the old, wrinkly witch he was expecting, but she quickly proves there’s no job too big, or too small, when you’ve got the magic touch. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

RHEA 41070 is My 99 Cent Special for December

RHEA 41070
Sensuous Sci-Fi Romance 

by Linda Mooney
Word Count:  64.3K
$0.99 e / $9.99 p / $19.95 a  

From December 1st through the 31st, you can get the ebook for only 99 cents! Available at this price only on Amazon and this website. (Note: Click BUY EBOOK to get the Nook or PDF version.)    

Bock Gammon is a freedom runner. A man with a space ship for hire. He has heard of Replacements and knows they exist, but he has never personally come across one. In fact, he finds the whole idea repugnant--growing a living being specifically for the purpose of harvesting his body parts. So do the governments in many of the galaxies who have declared Replacements illegal.

Which is why he is stunned to discover his latest assignment is to bring a Replacement to one of the wealthiest men in the Chatta Dul system. If he hadn't so desperately needed the money, he wouldn't have accepted the job.

It doesn't take long for Bock to realize that Rhea 41070 isn't just one-of-a-kind, she's also unlike any woman he has ever met.  And the closer they get to the point of delivery, the more he knows he can't walk away and leave her behind to be dissected.  Somehow, he has to find a way to save her, despite the odds and hundreds of well-armed men awaiting their return.

Warning!  Contains idol worship, twisted old men, blackmail, apathy for human life, black market medicine, a shootout, a taste of the good life, and more gold than you can shake a stick at.