Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Now Available as an Audio Book! DO WAH DIDDY ME, a Time Travel Urban Fantasy

Now Available as an Audio Book!

Do Wah Diddy Me
Time-Travel Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 16.6K
1.99 e / $6.99 p / $6.95 a

Narrated by Linda Mooney
Length: 1 hr, 55 min

It all began when she found the silver charm bracelet.

As a realtor, Geraldine "Geri" Jones has been trying for years to get the property off her hands. Back in the 50s, it had been called Mabelling's, one of the first drive-in soda and burger joints in the state. But after a calamity destroyed the place and took many lives, the remaining structure had fallen into ruin.

It was while showing the location to a prospective buyer that she finds the bracelet buried between the cracks in the blackened floor tiles. What she doesn't expect is for the bracelet to transport her back to 1959. Back to the diner when it was in its heyday. There she meets Roddy "Hot Rod" Carvelle, with his tight jeans, tighter white T-shirt, and slicked back hair. A man twelve years her junior, who gives her the thrill of her life in the backseat of his baby blue Bel Air.

But the anniversary of the catastrophe that destroyed Mabelling's is fast approaching, and, knowing his fate is to die in the fire, Geri is determined to save Roddy from his final destiny. What she doesn't realize is that she and Roddy could become two more victims of the disastrous event.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New! WRYNTER, a Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy/Romantic Suspense by Linda Mooney

Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy/Romantic Suspense
by Linda Mooney
Word Count:  35.1K
$2.99 e

She reaches into minds to discover the truth. But this time, what she finds could get her killed.

Wrynter Poe is both blessed and cursed with a unique ability. She can’t read minds, but she can follow a person’s memories of an event they witnessed. Which is why she works as a special agent for the FBI in helping local law enforcement agencies solve crimes. But this gift comes with a price. She cannot touch the bare skin of another person, for fear of accidentally obtaining emotional discharge or feelings from them.

Lieutenant Hammond Blake is an undercover cop who's been assigned to help this strange woman, when a homicide case she's helping with suddenly takes a dangerous turn. While that case is being investigated, he accompanies her to her next job to make sure she stays safe. All it takes is one touch, one breach of her self-imposed isolation, for the both of them to discover how much they need each other.

What neither of them realize is that the homicide has far deeper roots within the police force. Roots involving corruption and a cover-up that will put both their lives in danger, and test Wrynter's abilities beyond her own endurance. 

Warning!  Contains latex gloves, a special necklace, skin-to-skin contact, a four-legged snitch, a motel on wheels, a chase in the middle of nowhere, and only one chance for two people to discover if their mutual attraction is the real thing.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

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